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Messaging Cash Send Scam

Through fraudulent SIM swops, criminals can take control of your mobile number using your stolen personal information. The criminal then accesses one of your messaging platforms and poses as you. Your contacts receive a tragic story from “you” requesting money for a fabricated emergency. Your contacts think it is you, have empathy and transfer money making use of bank or the retail sectors transaction facilities.

To prevent becoming a victim of a SIM swop or the victim of the scam, please follow the tips below:

Victim of the SIM swop:

  • Check for signal loss on your cell phone as this could indicate that you have been the victim of a SIM swop.
  • Should you lose signal, contact your mobile network operator ASAP.
  • Activate international cell phone roaming when travelling.
  • Always inform your bank when travelling abroad.
  • Never share your geolocation on social media platforms.
  • Don’t click on unsolicited links.
  • Ensure that you install the latest security updates on all your devices.

Victim of the scam:

  • Never act on text messages requesting that funds be transferred to someone purporting to be one of your contacts, due to an “emergency”
  • If you are requested to transfer money via a bank or retail sector facilities, make direct contact with your friend, family member or acquaintance to verify that the request came from them.
  • In addition, contact their family member who is allegedly having a crisis, and confirm if they have requested assistance.
  • In the event that telephonic contact is made, pay attention to any changes in the voice or communication style to assist you to identify if the person is an imposter, and not your contact.