Department of Home Affairs (DHA) Online Services

The DHA offer SABRIC Banks access to a number of their Online Services as part of their on-going working relationship and spirit of co-operation with SABRIC to jointly combat bank-related fraud.

HANIS Verification Service

This Online Service provides SABRIC Banks the opportunity to verify certain information of a client with information stored on the Home Affairs National Identification System (HANIS).  The Service also allows Banks to alert clients if their information - as stored on HANIS - requires updating. Thus, the initiative benefits the client, the Banks and also the DHA’s objective to improve content of the national identity resource (HANIS).

On 2 October 2015, the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) recognised the Service used by the SABRIC Banks, as an alternative procedure to verify the identity of a client as required in terms of Regulation 4(1) of the Regulations to the FIC Act. The FIC issued a Public Compliance Communication (PCC), named PCC33.

The terms and conditions, rights and obligations under which the DHA grants the SABRIC Banks access, are set out in agreements.   SABRIC facilitates access for new participants to the Service. SABRIC also facilitates governance of the Service to ensure fair use and practise of the original intent and benefit realisation. In this regard, SABRIC maintains the relationship with the relevant units within the DHA. SABRIC also maintains the necessary documentation to guide procedures and processes for new and existing implementations.

 Online Verification of section 22 and 24 permits

SABRIC facilitates technical access of new participants to the electronic online verification Service implemented by the DHA as the preferred option for a bank to verify the authenticity and integrity of section 22 and 24 permits.

On 20 March 2015 the Financial Intelligence Centre (the FIC) updated and reissued Public Compliance Communication (PCC), named PCC03A, to cover the online electronic verification service of asylum seeker and refugee permits.

As facilitator between SABRIC Banks and the DHA, SABRIC also maintains documentation in support of the Service and provides on-going support where needed.

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Notes to Editors:

SABRIC is a NPF company formed by South African banks to support the banking industry in the combating of crime. SABRIC’s clients are South African banks and major CIT companies. Its principle business is to detect, prevent and reduce organised crime in the banking industry through effective public private partnerships. SABRIC co-ordinates inter-bank activities aimed at addressing organised bank related financial and violent crime and acts as a nodal point between the banking industry and others, in respect of issues relating to crime. The creation of public awareness of various bank related crimes and educating the public on how to protect themselves is one of SABRIC’s key focus areas. For more on SABRIC visit