Some things shouldn't be shared

Banking crime is on the rise. Over R800 million was stolen in 2018 - all because South Africans share their confidential information too easily.

Using this as our insight, we built an integrated educational digital campaign using Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, native advertising and a microsite to help educate and raise awareness around what confidential information should never be shared with strangers.

The campaign was ‘heroed’ by five striking video content pieces showcasing a variety of strangers sharing intimate items that should never be shared. These items included razors, toothbrushes, underwear, chewing gum and gym towels. We wanted to draw a parallel between sharing intimate objects with strangers and sharing confidential information to create discomfort and a knee-jerk reaction which would hopefully, reinforce the lesson that confidential information should not be shared.

We then tied each content piece back to an educational tip regarding banking security and supported it with collateral that helped build engagement around the dangers of "oversharing". Every interaction was then directed to an interactive microsite where users could learn how to identify the four tell-tale signs of a scam giving power back to the consumer in the war against cybercrime.